Raw Notes from Campaign Building Session

1. List media, 1 or 2 each
Two-space War – Two Space, primitive travel between a variety of locations
Mage: The Ascension – Magic system and technocracy, doesn’t work in every world
Crom – Barbarians who have embraced technology to extreme ends
Firefly – Ship as character, crew that are together but may have varying goals-ish
BSG – Resource that we need that can drive story
Zombies – Mother fucking zombies, no one knows where they came from

2. List inspirations from media

3. Choose Genre, Describe Genre
Dark pulp galaxy-trotting adventure

4. Determine scale
Start small, scale grows

5. Establish facts
Technology, how advanced does it get? – Very advanced but it has trouble leaving planets. AI exists but is also too advanced to leave planets. Up to Mechwarrior, less than Star Wars, Firefly-ish.
What is the resource we need that is used to travel in two space? – A crystalline material called Viridium that has been around a long time but hasn’t been used previously. It is unhealthy in sufficient quantities and exposure, disrupts magic depending on the quantity. It’s a deep glowing blue.
How is the Technocracy organised? – Like Stalinist Russia. There’s a dictator called The Prime Scientist. Super into research and advancement but at the same time they were zealots who killed those who disagreed.
How do ships work? – They have a keel beam or central made out of special space wood. It is rare and was found via space exploration. It was then found that you can use Viridium to make it grow faster. Ships are primarily wooden. They travel through two-space which is a large flat expanse which allows faster travel between planets and systems. Ships can enter regular space from two space or a ladder can be used. Don’t fall out in between. Piers can be used for more accurate travel to planets. A planet is about the size of a regular city in two-space.
Barbarians – The Cromvar are Cyborg-like human. Selected by the Technocracy after displaying attributes that they favor. They appeared around the same time as the Technocracy. Join or die. Cybernetics are made with spacewood in the construction of them so they can survive two-space. These pieces of wood exist and no one knows how to make more. The Cromvar are a distinct culture but are generally under the influence of the Technocracy. Crom is their leader, he is the only one with a cybernetic head. His power and existence is unclear in a similar way to the God-emperor.
Language system – English is commonly used on planets that trade. Other languages exist.
Races – Traditional 3.5 D&D races exist. They probably were all humans at one point and evolved on different planets generally. Aliens may exist also.
Zombies – Zombies are an unknown phenomena. Spread through normal means. Zombies can be fast or slow. There may be deviant zombies. Might cluster together but not with intention.
Magic System – Additive and Subtractive magic. Can be used in two-space but with interference depending on size of ship. Magic use is a skill that should also be included in an aspect. The ability to use the magic is a feat. You can learn things on your own but it helps to have an instructor. There is no resurrection magic.

6. Create a title

7. Create sparks
Zombies have shown up on a planet.
Two-space storms affecting travel.
The Technocracy is cracking down on the Cromvar and might be killing dissidents.
Crom’s whereabouts are currently unknown.
A technocrat experiement has gotten loose.
Rumors that a previously undiscovered moon on a nearby system is rich Viridium.

8. Select the issues
Past Issue: Zombies showed up on earth. The Technocracy bombed the shit out of the pier.
Fear of A Zombie Outbreak
Current Issue: The Technocracy is cracking down on the Cromvar.
Cromvar on the lamb
Future Issue: Rumors of a Viridium rich moon

9. Create faces

10. Create places

Questions to ask
Character death – Can happen and no resurrection.
EXP system – Replacing the standard advancement
Skill list?
drive and ride and pilot
knowledge and trade skills
Shoot and firearms
Tracking inventory but not encumbrance
Learning rules

Raw Notes from Campaign Building Session

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